Introducing the Polian Razorback 680 

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Polian have been working closely with an international manufacturing partner to supply us with a new style of bariatric chair that can safely support up to 680kg (107 stone) whilst weighing under 4kg per unit.

The Polian Razorback is manufactured using a highly durable one piece injection moulded process resulting in an extreme load capacity coupled with a massive weight to strength ratio.

We are aiming to bring this product to the marketplace at up to half the cost of more traditional bariatric chairs – most of which use heavy materials like wood or steel in their construction. Standard bariatric chairs can also be difficult to move around your home or workplace – placing your staff and visitors at risk from musculo-skeletal injury.

One in four British adults is obese, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation* and obesity is a major problem in the UK that is estimated to affect around 1 in 4 adults and around 1 in 5 children aged 10 to 11.

This equates to 25% of your client base having special seating requirements.

By choosing the Polian Razorback you are providing cost effective seating arrangements for your clients whilst ensuring that you are best protected from any potential litigation that may have arisen from purchasing an inferior product. Thus giving you complete peace of mind where client safety is paramount.

It’s ergonomic design qualities make it an unobtrusive and subtle additon to your current seating arrangements and the Polian Razorback looks just like any other easy clean chair in your reception area, office or home making it less likely that your clients will feel awkward about using it.

The Polian Razorback is the perfect solution for public and private seating areas such as in Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Schools, Universities and Prisons or anywhere requiring high quality low cost bariatric seating as they can be easily stacked and quickly relocated. There is also an option to bolt them down where needed.

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We believe that the Polian Razorback is a market leader in this sector because of its incredible capacity, lightweight construction and ease of use.

We like it so much that we are able to offer our customers a 10 year manufacturer guarantee with every chair.

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*The State of Food and Agriculture 2013United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization

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